Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Do-It-Yourself Wine Rack

I've talked about this amazing wine rack before. I think it would be great to be used as a magazine holder. I have wanted it for years now. I like it so much because it's unique, has great lines, and is very interesting to look at. It's something that could stand alone without being used for anything.

Well in the latest issue of Martha Stewart, she had one that she made out of PVC pipes. Hello so ingenious! She did all one size, but it would be so easy to incorporate some smaller sizes. You can bet for sure I will be doing this little DIY.

The supplies she used were sand paper, PVC, velcro to adhere to the shelf and spray paint. The wine rack that I want is $180. This will probably run me under $20. I'd say that's a great savings!

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