Friday, February 25, 2011

Master Bedroom Design Board

I'm working on a master bedroom right now, and  thought I'd share the design board. The room is large, and the ceilings go on forever with the best natural light.

The room will be painted that really pretty blue from Benjamin Moore called Rhine River. It's very calming while not being boring. Because the room is so large that is the prominent color of the space.

The black fabric is from and is going to be used for the headboard.

There is a lot of white being used in the space to break up that blue and create a hotel vibe. There are many textures being used among the whites which will create a lot of depth.

There's a pretty large window where we will create a nice little reading nook. The chair will pair nicely with this fabulous silver side table.

I'm bringing in a pop of color with the yellow pillow and pairing it with the grey pillow.

The natural elements will come from these great quartz candle sticks. All in all this is a room that will be calming, and a place where you want to come to at the end of the day!
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