Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Tuesday's Organizing Tip

This isn't so much a tip as some really well organized spaces, that you can take a few ideas from and implement in your own home. I seriously have anxiety if my home isn't organized down to the last piece of garbage. (Well not really, but you get the idea) For that reason I love to look at spaces that have been organized well, here are some that I thought I'd share.

Even though the space is pretty narrow, they fit quit a bit of stuff. I love the storage underneath with the casters to make it quick access. Plus I really want that clock!

I'm a big believer in vertical storage. Why not use all that (what other wise would have been wasted) space. I do enjoy using tall bookshelves, but I like using a shelving system such as this better. You can customize for your immediate and future needs much better than most bookshelves.

Now this is a multi functional room. Nice use of vertical storage and wall space.

Living in a pretty small space, my furniture has to do double duty. This secretary looks so nice in the dining room, and it's perfect to use as a desk area.

All images via Real Simple
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