Thursday, September 22, 2011

The Placement of Drapes

While browsing Pinterest, I came across this picture. What struck me the most was how they hung the drapes. This can be a tricky task to do, especially if you have oddly shaped or placed windows. I feel this look is successful. It would probably look overly stuffy if there were two panels. Either way I thought this was a clever.

With there being so many doors, and so much else going on, I could see how someone would leave out the drapes, but they are nice addition to the space. They aren't overdone, and the scale is perfect.

I like the one drapery panel in this setting. It gives the space a very luxurious feel.

Now I'm a big believer in hanging your drapes above the window, closer to the ceiling, if you don't have 17 foot ceilings. I'm a little unsure how I feel about this placement at the moment, but it is different and something to think about if you want some privacy without having to sacrifice natural light.

Lastly, this may be my favorite yet. These windows are gorgeous on their own with all the detail, but it would feel a little undone without any drapery. I really love how they left the top open and just added the drapes to the bottom windows.

Friday, September 16, 2011

Great find at Overstock's Outlet

Overstock opened up an outlet store in Salt Lake last month, and I hadn't been yet until Michelle, from 4 Men 1 Lady showed the fun items she found. They are only open for the weekend, Thursday through Saturday, so I took a little trip there yesterday. She had showed a picture of these Tabouret chairs, and I about died. They normally sell for $250, and Overstock's price is $177. However at the outlet they were priced at $82 for four chairs. Well it just happened to be my lucky day, they were having an extra 40% off furniture sale, so I got all four chairs for $50!

The only thing about them is that one chair has a bent middle, but with them being black you can't even really see. These are only three of them, I couldn't get Ainsley out of the other one!

I'm now on the search for the perfect table, I'm thinking something a little more rustic. Maybe a table in this direction. Moral of the story, if you live in Salt Lake check out the outlet, it's a must!

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

The Crazy of Missoni

I went to Target yesterday to get a few things from their new Missoni line, and it was a zoo. I got there 20 minutes after the store had opened, and everything had already been picked through. Women were running, like full on running around with carts over flowing with items. I honestly have never seen anything like it.

I went for a few kitchen items, and had no luck. The line runs through October so hopefully they will get more in and I won't miss it. I'm dying to get this set of bowls. I need a punch of color and pattern like this in my kitchen. 

I also wanted to check out these tumblers.I love how subtle the pattern is for an everyday object.

And lastly this has nothing to do with our kitchen, but I think this sweater would be darling on miss Ainsley. So hopefully Target will get a shipment in soon!

You can check out the whole line here.

Tuesday, September 13, 2011


I've been seeing ombre (graduation of color) almost everywhere lately. From cakes, to furniture, accessories, even hair. Here are some of my favorite uses.

I love the interest this style gives to the objects. I haven't finished my curtains from Ikea yet, and I think this is the direction I'm headed with greys.

Friday, September 9, 2011

DIY Cake Plates

I am clearly not doing a great job posting with the way I'm feeling. After the day is done I have no more energy, and sitting and typing is apparently too much energy for me! I did want to post a project I JUST completed. Even though this should have taken three hours, it took me three days. The second day I ran out of paint.( note to self always buy two cans of paint!) Anyway I got the idea from Pinterest. It's so easy, and I so wish I had thought of this first. It's pretty self explanatory, but here is what I started off with. Simple terra cotta pots.

Glued them together.

And then an awesome four days later, sprayed them!

I have a thing for white serving dishes. I can't get enough of them, and I've been needing some more. That's why I did this project. I sprayed them a glossy white, and then a glass like protective coating. The whole project cost me $15. Not bad for three cake plates!

I want to make one more large one. The largest one there is 10 inches, and I'm looking for 14 or bigger. But overall really happy with the outcome. I like the fact that they all have a little different shape. Now my fruit is more organized on my table, instead of everything shoved on one plate!

Friday, September 2, 2011

Unplanned Blog Break, and Fun News!

I didn't intend to take a week long blogging break, it just sort of happened. We were out of town all last week and had a great time in Island Park. It's a little resort town in Idaho, about 30 minutes away from Yellowstone. We stayed in "cabins" on a golf course, with the prettiest view. At Yellowstone Morning Glory Pool was so pretty. It was a great shade of gold, green, and a slight turquoise. Wouldn't this be a great starting off point for a mood board?

We also went to Mesa Falls, and I couldn't get over how gorgeous it was. There's a constant rainbow there, but with my awesome camera skills I left it out!

I haven't been as consistent with blogging lately, as I've been super sick the last 12 weeks due to baby number 2 joining us in March! It's not been the easiest for us to get here, but we are SO excited. And Ainsley is over the moon to be a big sister. She asks 87 times a day if the baby would like a toy, or food, a marker, or anything for that matter!

(Little Ainsley 4 days old)

I'll be back next week with some projects that I started a while ago, and haven't had the energy to finish. Some fun Pinterest ideas,curtains and local spotlights!
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